Tuyo Pasta

I accidentally created this dish marrying two Filipino favorite ingredients. The ” tuyo” ( dried fish) and noodles aka spaghetti. My invention of this dish started one day, I was feeling a bit hungry so I went to the kitchen to see what can I eat, when I reached the refrigerator, to my dismay, saw nothing but tomatoes and leftover tuyo from yesterday’s breakfast. I am not in the mood to eat rice with tuyo because it’s snack time and I want something different to fill me. I went to our grocery cabinet and found nothing but dried spaghetti pasta. Being a food network viewer, I knew that Italians have their spaghetti anchovies… so why not replace it with our very own ” tuyo “?  To make a long story short, I concocted my own recipe from the original spaghetti anchovies. I have two versions of this recipe.   The original, which has less ingredients because those were the only ingredients literally available for me at that time, and the other recipe which I elaborated more because I made it for special occasion.

My original tuyo pasta ingredients:

  • tuyo ( fried and shredded)
  • tomatoes ( diced)
  • garlic ( minced)
  • cooked pasta
  • cooking oil
  • salt and pepper to taste

I did not put the quantity for each ingredient because for me, it depends on who will eat this dish. There is no right or wrong in cooking, everyone has their own taste.  I for example,  I love garlic and tomatoes so I add a lot of it.  First thing I do is heat the pan with oil and add the tomatoes and tuyo. When the it becomes a little thick,  I add the garlic and let it simmer for a bit. Turn the fire off and add the cooked spaghetti  add salt and pepper to taste.

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My Special tuyo pasta

  • tuyo ( fried and shredded)
  • tomatoes ( dices) since its for special occasion i brought the can tomato (dices) to ensure the ripeness
  • garlic ( mince)
  • cooked pasta
  • cooking oil (olive oil )
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • black olives ( slices)
  • eggplant ( boiled and shredded)
  • basil dried and fresh for garnish

The instructions are the same as before, put all the ingredients together add the garlic last and the dried basil..put some fresh basil for garnish, and enjoy your tuyo pasta.

I hope you try this recipe of mine. When I first served this recipe at my grandmother’s party, my family was hesitant because they never heard anything like this before.  But when they tasted it, they kept asking me for the recipe… even as I shared it with them, to this day they still prefer that I cook this for them instead.

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  • We actually have that kind of dish “Tuyo Pasta Variety” as one of our original/signature dish at my past work place, but the difference is we are using Pesto instead of tomato base as sauce. You gotta try it too. :)

  • nice…masarap yan for sure.

  • Laoshi

    Hi, notice ko lng po. may typo ka… “shimmer” i think you meant to say “simmer”

    innovative recipe ^^,

  • charmaine talaga

    @laoshi..yup it’s simmer. I was typing it kc with my baby playing in my lap..hehe..but thanks for noticing baguhin ko.

  • charmaine talaga

    @ jonash if you don’t mind anong resto? Cge try ko..wla pa kc ako nakainan na may ganyan pasta..try my recipe maybe you will like it too..hehe..

    • hello charmaine, first time i saw this, my sis shared it today. I am sure by now alam mo na kung ano ang pesto? Anyway I will surely try this, althoough the problelm is walang tuyo dito sa Malaysia, at di rin marunong kumain ng tuyo ang asawa at mga anak ko. so got to think of something else.

  • charmaine talaga

    @erborja tnx try cooking it sigurado magugustuhan mo if you love tuyo and tomatoes..

  • joan

    masarap talaga ang tuyo pasta! try nyo ihanda sa new year!!

  • Ddp

    For a variation, try using sun dried tomatoes. Then use lemon juice or white wine… Lotsa olive oil and parsley too…

  • hubbycream

    I’ve tried it before but instead of tomato i used lemon. My family and friends liked it but for children it’s not attractive because of the smell of tuyo. I remembered when my friend called her son and says look atong tita cooked spaghetti! He rushed going to the table but when he saw and smell it he run away and said “ayaw mommy ang baho” hahahahaha…

  • Raquel S. Gonzales

    glad i found this site,will try and cook the recipe…looks good and yummy..

  • marilyn

    my kids love tuyo,i think they will love this one too.i’ll try o cook it one of these days.