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    To Ms. Ingram, I would be willing to help you. I have an online sub to ancestry.com. I love the show. After his first show- I got my families DNA tested. Granmothers paternal was 100% Nigerian Ibo, grandfathers side is more complicated, European/Slave masters. And yes some Choctaw from maternal side. I have a case that would stomp Henry’s Specialists. The Whitfields! There records are in colleges all over the south. Still have 4 Museum Plantations. They had plantations in 12 states. And now there is not a state in the US that does not have a Whitfield. Henry Bibb belonged to one. Andrew Carngie also married one. One was in Kansas when John Brown was there. One wrote Lincoln, and Alexander Grahams Bells wife wrote of one. I have a stump-my greatgrandfather pops up in 1910 married to Granma. Thats where my paper trail ends, whcih is strange, I should be able to get back to the 1870 Census.

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