Filipino Food Fridays: Tinolang Manok

Born and raised in Los Angeles to Filipino parents (who emigrated from the Philippines in the mid-1970’s, and recently retired to Calapan) I sometimes feel like I’m not Filipino enough.

  • I’m often mistaken for Mexican
  • I can’t name the President of the Philippines
  • I can barely speak Tagalog

In an effort to get closer to my Filipino culture, I decided to learn how to cook Filipino food. (Who doesn’t love to eat!?!) I’m new at this–cooking, and cooking Filipino cuisine for that matter–so cut me some slack here.

I purchased Gerry Gelle’s cookbook, Filipino Cuisine, and the first recipe I made was Tinolang Manok, which I understand is chicken and green papaya stew.

My goal is to try new Filipino food each week. Here’s a video of my first attempt!

I hope you enjoy the video! Maraming salamat!

 Filipino Food Fridays: Tinolang Manok

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  • Bernadette

    You couldn’t be that challenged when cooking.

  • Mike De Guzman

    tinola will taste much better if you use bone-in parts (wings/ thighs) instead of cubed chicken breast… the broth will be lovelier, promise!

  • Good to know, Mike!

  • yfe peit

    agree Mike De Guzman :)… I lovecwatching your videos quiason.