Filipino Food Fridays: Sinigang na Baboy

I asked, you answered. I listened and that’s why I made Sinigang na Baboy this week!

There were a lot of vegetables in this dish, which took some time to prepare, but I love vegetables so I’m partial to this dish!

The only downside? The smell. I brought the sinigang na baboy to work for lunch and a co-worker commented on it; not in a negative way, but I was a little self-conscious. But I still brought it to work the next two days! HAHAHAHA.

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Salamat po!

 Filipino Food Fridays: Sinigang na Baboy

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  • YlocanaBelle

    add siling mahaba, the long yellow green chili to mask the ‘smell’ of the pork. ;)

  • I understand your comments because this meal is so good! Sarap!

    Thank you, YlocanaBelle for the tip on the siling mahaba! I will write that down in my recipe book!

    I’m posting another episode today. Be sure to subscribe!

  • Murvyn R. Callo

    OMG, dude you rock!! That video is wayy to funny I had to go out and get some short ribs for my own version of Sinigang na Baboy! Two thumbs up (Mariah can put her hand and thumb elsewhere) and I’m subscribing….

  • HAHA Thanks Murvyn!