Mango Pie

Honestly, I really don’t know how to make mango pie. I’m making piyaya before, a sweet bread found in the Philippines. It’s a bread stuffed with muscovado sugar. From there I copied the recipe for its crust and used it for my pie crust. Then, I just changed the muscovado sugar into mango mixture. Thank God the recipe turned out well after it was cooked. The crust is thick though and I should master that next time. I hope you like my recipe.

Mix pix1191 1024x768 Mango Pie

Note: This recipe also appears at Houselements. Check out the original post here Mango Pie.

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  • yes! super sarap talaga ng piyaya…my wife and daughter loves it too…try mo gumawa nito so easy lang po…thanks!

  • katrina

    its more like a turn-over… :) looks yummy

  • Shaye McLennan

    Crust is a bit heavy for a pie, would suggest puff pastry instead.