Filipino Food Fridays: Arroz a la Valenciana

I was chatting with my mother via Skype–she’s in Oriental Mindoro, and I’m in Los Angeles–and she suggested I make Arroz a la Valenciana. The recipe is overwhelming, but it reminded me of paella, which I miss, so I went for it!

The recipe went off to a great start, with the two cups of coconut milk that I added to the three cups of bigas that was sitting in three cups of water… Sarap! I had to mix the rice with the meat in the wok, but I could eat the rice alone! With no ulam! Because it was so tasty!

I also got to use chorizo de bilbao again, which I fell in love with when I made menudo… The chorizo and the two pounds of manok and the pound of baboy made every bite taste different!

I had trouble with the six potatoes… I should have cooked those ahead of time instead of hoping they would cook in the wok with the onion, garlic and tomato. The potatoes ended up being very good, and very filling. The recipe said this would make 4-6 servings, but it’s taken me 14-16 servings at least!

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Maraming salamat!

 Filipino Food Fridays: Arroz a la Valenciana

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  • Remy

    where did you get your recipe of Arroz Ala Valenciana? I”ve tasted so many version of Valenciana and been cooking it for 3 decades but didn’t know you need coconut milk in it . . . this dish is a pinoy version of Spanish PAELLA . . . and we inhirited this dish from our Spanish ancestors . . . according to my father his recipe was passed to his dad from his grandfather and down to him and the me . . . and this dish is most known in Iloilo for any occasion is not complete without Valenciana for the Ilongos. . . . but no coconut milk. wonder who taught you that . . . what you just made was a SUMAN minus the sugar in it.

  • enah

    Hi Remy. Would you mind giving me your recipe for the Valenciana? I would really appreciate it. Thanks a million.