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Lumpiang Hubad

I feel like having a Spring Fling. OK, calm down now, I was referring to the weather. Spring has remained… Continue reading »

- Filipino Food

Coco Pandan Rice with Mango, Coconut Creme Anglaise and Bourbon Smoked Coconut Crumbs

Breaking News:  The entry below is one of the 10 finalists in a coconut cooking challenge. The winner will be… Continue reading »

Camaron Rebusado

Yes, I finally got my newest Youtube video up. Ok, it’s not professionally done and refined as I hoped for,… Continue reading »


It feels like a homecoming! With my luggage in tow, I hold tightly to the pole as the elevated tram… Continue reading »


I’m in Orlando right now, and yes I’m having too much fun time!  I know you would be thinking Disneyworld… Continue reading »

Pancit Batil Patong: Pancit Tuguegarao

It’s almost noon during an unseasonably cold, hazy day as my daughter, hubby and I decided to take a walk at the beach…. Continue reading »

Inihaw na Liempo

“Oh no, we can’t show this!” My husband and I chorused upon seeing the video that we just shot. “But… Continue reading »

Fried Chicken A La Jollibee, The Video

I’m on my way over there with my camera and ready to shoot our first video. My girlfriend Kelly cheerfully… Continue reading »

Ice Candy Summer Treat

I was online chatting with my cousin Ingrid who asked me what I want from the Philippines that she could… Continue reading »

Baked Cinnamon Camote Cue

Outside my old high school in the Philippines, street vendors sold two quintessential treats on a stick: banana cue (deep… Continue reading »

Echoes of a Fiesta: How to Make Lechon

Our town fiesta falls in August. At this time of the year, people in my hometown of Tuguegarao are busy… Continue reading »

Pina-asadong Baboy sa Kamatis

PAMPERED! That’s how we were for the duration of our stay in Manila.  Our hosts, O and D, really know… Continue reading »

Royal Bibingka

I heard echoes of laughter and I was jealous that I wasn’t there.   The wooden walls reverberated familiar voices through the… Continue reading »

How To Make Tapsilog on TV

I am sharing with you the link to my guest appearance on KSDK 5 St. Louis, an NBC affiliate.  I… Continue reading »

Avocado Shake

“What did you have for breakfast?“,  my friend asked me. “Uhhhm… an avocado shake“, I answered. And her face did… Continue reading »

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