When you think your hubby, lover or the guy you are ‘in a relationship’ is trying to sugar you by denying he’s having flings, you just can’t help but take out your aggression on FOOD. Not that you don’t have some cholesterol program for them if indeed they are having one. But that’s in the later articles yet……

Here’s one of my original recipes which is my answer to the previous dating married man banana recipe or the other side of the fence from that lady who is having something going on with a married man. Ladies, if you suspect anything……just anything ….that your man is having sidelines, sidekicks or side dishes, this is the recipe for you.

4 chicken breasts
1 bottle pizza sauce
basil leaves
1 pack mozarella cheese
4 tablespoons olive oil

Wash the chicken breasts under cold running water. Wipe dry and place each breast on a cutting board. Name each breast with the women you think is flirting with your beloved. Take a malet and pound each breast, and while doing so, shout the name of the girl and add adjectives like “slut, whore, bitch…”

Sprinkle salt and pepper on the breast. Place a pan on the stove and turn on medium heat. Go to your room and check your man’s cellphone if there are any messages from any woman. None. Go back to the kitchen.


Place oil on the pan and fry the breasts. Go check your facebook and see on his wall if there are messages from any woman or if there are women friends he befriended who are not familiar to you. None. Go back to the kitchen and flip the chicken to cook the other side. Go check on your house phone for numbers he may have dialed which are not familiar to you. None.

Pour sauce over chicken. While waiting for the sauce to bubble, go to the laundry room and check if there are any lipstick marks or lady’s perfume on your man’s clothes. None. Go back to kitchen and check if the sauce has bubbled. Sprinkle chopped basil leaves and cover with grated mozarella. Remove from fire.

Turn oven broiler on and set it for 5 minutes. Place in your pan of chicken dish under the broiler to create that golden top. That will give you enough time to go to the garage and check his car for any lady’s item not yours, like a lost earing, watch or some doubtful hair strands. None.

You find yourself elated that there are no evidences of anything whatsoever you are looking for. You prepare the dinner table with the best china and silver utensils and celebrate with your favorite Pinot Grigio to pair with your dish.

Every bite that goes in your mouth, you imagine how lucky you are to have such a man to have no other woman but you. But the smile quickly turns into a frown….Could my man like other men instead?

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