Chicken Arroz Caldo [Lugaw]

In the Philippines, the Spanish influenced dish called” Arroz Caldo” is also known as “Lugaw,”  which is a rice porridge that is well known in the country. On the other hand it is also known as ” Congee” for Chinese influenced nations. Some provinces prepare plain lugaw which does not have any form of meat and they add milk to flavor the dish. However, I personally prefer chicken arroz caldo (lugaw).

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How to cook Chicken Arroz Caldo [Lugaw]


1 whole chicken cut into serving pieces

1 clove of garlic ( minced)

2 1/2  knobs of ginger ( Julienned)

1 cup of onion ( diced)

4 cups of Jasmine White Rice ( uncooked )

5 pieces of hard boiled egg

1 piece of chicken cube

2 tbsp fish sauce

1 lime or you can use 3 pieces of kalamansi

1/2 tsp black pepper

1 liter of water

1 cup of minced scallion

1/2  tbsp of saffron

2 tbs cooking oil


1. In a heated pot, pour the cooking oil and fry the garlic until golden brown.

2. Separate and set aside  half of the fried garlic for garnish onced the dish is served.

3. Continue on cooking the rest of the garlic in the pot by adding it to the sauteed onions & ginger for 2 more minutes.

4.  Add the chicken  and black pepper until the chicken is golden brown.

5. Then drop in the chicken  cube to add flavor.

6. Add water water and the uncooked rice  and bring to a boil and add the fish sauce.

7. Constantly simmer until the rice is cooked.

8. Put in 4 pieces of the eggs, to mix in the flavor of the dish to the eggs.

9. The extra egg not included in the pot, slice it evenly for presentation when serving the dish.

10. Serve the dish hot with garnish on top ( fried garlic, dash of saffron, scallions and a slice of egg) and squeeze some lime/Kalamansi on it.


 Chicken Arroz Caldo [Lugaw]

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