Bangus Sisig: A favourite, made healthy

bangus sisig 1 foodipino Bangus Sisig: A favourite, made healthy

When you make a trip to the supermarket’s frozen section. you will find that bangus or milkfish has been cut and sold in different ways, the way you would with chicken parts. The yummiest and most expensive of course, is the prime bangus belly. Perhaps the most “boring”of them all is the back fillet. It is obviously the trimmings of the belly cut. For budget reasons, I get that and serve it the easy way– breaded fish fingers.

Boring no more—you can make these as yummy, exciting Bangus Sisig.  Easy and quick to prep, no rocket science involved. A healthy alternative that is kind on the budget as well. Remember, it isn’t sisig unless you serve it sizzling on a hot plate!

I usually serve this with hot steaming rice and monggo soup (munggo guisado). Happiness.


  • 1 pack bangus back fillet
  • 1 red onion, finely chopped
  • 1 knob of ginger, finely chopped
  • 1-2 green chili fingers (green sili for sinigang)
  • salt and pepper
  • soy sauce, liquid seasoning (optional)
  • Calamansi

Pre-cook bangus fillet in little water with salt and pepper. Let it cool, remove the skin and separate into flakes.  Finely chop red onions or shallots. Get a knob of ginger and finely chop it as well. Finally, slice the chili fingers, really thin. Keep the seeds to keep the heat of the dish. If you are a chili head then use siling labuyo instead (bird’s eye chilis). Just sprinkle all of these on the bangus flakes.

Just heat mixture in a non-stick pan with little oil, add a little soy sauce of you wish, salt and pepper to finish. Toss or stir quickly just to get the spices mixed and to bring out the aroma.

Heat the sizzling plate thoroughly, brush with some oil (to get the best sizzling sound). Quickly transfer the bangus mix. Serve with calamansi or lemon wedges and eat it while it’s hot!

Cook’s Suggestion:  Serve the typical soy sauce, shallot, chili mix on the side to control the saltiness.) Personally, I prefer it simple, with a light gingery taste and mild heat. That way you still get to taste the fish.

Bangus sisig2 foodipino Bangus Sisig: A favourite, made healthy

 Bangus Sisig: A favourite, made healthy

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