Ybanag Longanisa

I am sharing with you a special delicacy from my home town…. Longanisang Tuguegarao or Longanisang Ybanag.
PB198409 Ybanag Longanisa
Longanisa is very much a part of Filipino breakfast.  Just like chorizos or sausages, it has its different variations depending on where you are from.  My hometown of Tuguegarao boasts its own version of longanisa. You may find it very similar to that of Vigan longanisa; tangy, salty, garlicky, and cooked on its own rendered fat.  You could either make it crunchy by toasting or frying  or once cooked leave it soft with its silky casing and its juices and flavors will burst in your mouth when you bite it.
On my recent trip to Orlando, Benedict, my brother in law made some longanisa.  It was definitely a hit especially for all of us who miss our town’s famous longanisa.  He served it one breakfast morning and you should have seen how surpirsed my aunts and his cousins were when they saw a whole batch of longanisa on a big platter.  They looked so authentic  like it was flown from Tuguegarao! I’d like to thank him for sharing with us the step by step process and also for showing us his improvised funnel (so practical and so classic of him– haha!)
Let’s start with ingredients:
IMG 2508 Ybanag Longanisa
2-3 lbs of coursely ground pork
1 tbsp ground pepper
7 cloves garlic, chopped  (you may add or lessen the amount depending on how much garlic you want)
1 tbsp salt
3 tbsp cane vinegar (if you could find sukang iloco the better)
1 1/2 tbsp oil cooked with achuete
hog casing (he bought it from a local meatshop)
cooking twine

IMG 2513 Ybanag Longanisa

Mix all the ingredients together.  Remember not to over mix it as you want to retain its course texture.

IMG 2515 Ybanag Longanisa

This is the funnel that he used; an improvised funnel with the use of the top of a water bottle.  The mouth of the water bottle is just perfect to make the process of filling the casing so much easier.

IMG 2516 Ybanag Longanisa

Fill-up the casing like so…

IMG 2517 Ybanag Longanisa

Tie the ends of each longanisa …

IMG 2520 Ybanag Longanisa

One of the “secrets” to Longanisang Tuguegarao or Longanisang Ybanag is to air dry it.  Now for the other “secrets” the pork should contain fat and should be coursely chopped.  Also the vinegar should be sukang iloko or  if it’s white vinegar, use a good brand such as Datu Puti and lastly, there should be plenty of garlic.

IMG 2523 Ybanag Longanisa

Once dry, store in the freezer or if you can’t wait like me, cook it by rendering its fat; add a minimal amount of water., let it simmer until its fat is rendered.

IMG 2525 Ybanag Longanisa
Serve with garlic rice and egg… with sides of fresh tomatoes and a dipping sauce of vinegar… ENJOY!
b Ybanag Longanisa
b2 Ybanag Longanisa

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