Peach Refrigerator Cake

I personally love cakes! I won’t say all kinds of cake, but most kinds of cake. Beautifully frosted and decorated  cakes always mesmerize me. They’re like stunning works of art for me. But back when I was a little girl, there’s this cake that I really like. It’s not fancy…it’s not tall…it doesn’t even have frosting…but my birthdays wouldn’t be complete without it even if I have a beautiful store bought cake.
I’m talking about the famous Refrigerator Cake.Before my mom got her wonder oven (which she used to bake her delicious cakes), refrigerator cake was the only cake she could make. She used to make it with broas (ladyfingers) with mango topping. My birthdays won’t be complete without it and a store bought chocolate or chiffon cake with butter cream icing.
When I was in college, I started making ref cake on my own and I found out that honey graham crackers work better on it. So that’s what I’ve been using since then. I’ve tried different toppings aside from mango like canned peaches, fruit cocktail, sweetened strawberries and coarsely chopped Oreo but I liked mango and canned peaches the best. The only drawback with mango is that the taste changes after a couple of days, so I used canned peaches more often.
If you are looking for an easy no bake cake or just plain dessert, Peach Refrigerator Cake is the answer!
RefCake19 Peach Refrigerator CakeIt is such a delicious and easy dessert. It only requires a few ingredients, and it doesn’t even involve turning on the oven. What more could you ask for???!
RefCakeIngredients3 Peach Refrigerator Cake
Peach Refrigerator Cake

Yield: 9.5-inch round cake


  • 18 pcs. honey graham crackers
  • 2 -7.6 oz. cans Nestle Table Cream
  • 1 -14 oz. can condensed milk
  • 1 envelope Knox unflavored gelatin
  • 1 medium can sliced Peach (reserve the syrup for the gelatin)
  • raisins


  1. In a bowl, mix table cream & condensed milk thoroughly.
  2. Spread about 6 Tbsp of the mixture on a 9.5" round dish, arrange a layer of graham crackers on top of it (you might want to crumb the graham crackers to fill uneven spaces), then make another layer of the cream & condensed milk mixture, then another layer of graham crackers and so on until you have made 4 layers of each, the cream and milk mixture being the top layer. Arrange the peach & raisins however you want it. Put in freezer for about 15-20 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, cook the gelatin according to package directions. Allow to cool down and then using a spoon, gently pour over on top of the cake until fully covered.
  4. Chill for at least 3 hours before serving. Best if chilled overnight. Slice and serve.
RefCake47 Peach Refrigerator Cake
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