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Palitaw is one of the many rice cakes of the Philippines which is characterized by its small and flat shape.  These delights are made out of sticky rice that is washed, soaked, and then ground but due to commecialisation you can now find ground versions sold on Asian Shops.  Palitaw literally means “to float” in Tagalog and its given that name becuase on the way it is cooked.  Once prepared it will be on shape of flat discs then dropped into a boiling water, at first it will sink to the bottom but when it is cooked it will float to the surface hence the name.  Once its cooked it is now drained one by one to prevent sticking and dipped into freshly grated coconut meat then dipped agin on toasted sesame seed then one more time in sugar.

Now with the ingredients invoved in the recipe I guess everytging seems to be common except for the freshly grated coconut specially if you are not living in a tropical country like me.  But dont worry I have a replacement or workaround for it, what I usually do is buy some desicated coconut and coconut milk / cream.  Now I guess you know what happens next!  I just soak these dried desicated coconut in coconut cream to rehydrate them back to nearly their original state.

One of the easiest rice cakes to make as it is easy to prepare and it cooks really fast (once you drop it in boiling water and it takes only around 20 seconds for each cake to float), thats why in most of the homes in Philippines these treats are common in being served at tea time.  If you haven’t tried this before, give it a shot, its real easy.  And if you want to serve some unique treats with your guests, this one would be a start, it will certainly kick off a conversation, I know as I did it with my Kiwi friends.


2.5 cup glutinous rice flour
1 3/4 cup of water
1/4 cup sesame seeds)
1/2 cup caster sugar
1 1/2 cup of desicated coconut
1/2 cup coconut cream


1. In a non stick pan toast sesame seed, mix regularly unitl golden brown in color.  Place in a plate then set aside.
2. In a mixing bowl, soak desicated coconut in 1/2 cup of coconut cream, mix well and make sure the coconut crumbs is properly rehydrated.  Place in a plate then set aside.
3. Place the sugar on a plate then set aside.
4. In a large pot boil 2 litres of water.
5. While waiting for the water to boil.  Mix the glutinous rice flour with water until a soft dough forms (add or remove water as needed).
6. Once a dough is formed get a table spoonful of dough, place it on a flat surface and flatten it with your palms or rolling pin.  Now remove it with a flat frying spatula and drop it briskly in the boiling water.  Place around 6 doughs at one time to prevent over crowding and sticking to each other.  Now once it floats remove it with a slotted spoon and place it on the plate with grated coconut, give it a good drench then do the same with sesame seed plate, then finally on to the sugar plate.

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