Tinolang Manok sa Buko

Simple pleasures…
These are the moments when you least expect it and it makes you feel special. So I was on our veranda  that morning with the refreshing summer breeze cooling me down. I saw this street vendor hawking buko (coconut), aimlessly driving his bike carrying a wagon-full of buko.  Unlike Lance Armstrong, the vendor pedals his bike like he has no worries in the world.  And this is what I like about my hometown – it is so laid back. Amidst the chaos in the streets and the cacophany from the cars and tricycles around, the site of this man was refreshing.
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It created a subtle curiosity in me on how to buy from a street vendor.  So I waved my arm and called him like one would hail a cab.  And there he was..

I asked him if I could take pictures and he began to smile…

“Is this for a magazine?”, he asked

“No it’s for my blog” I said.

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So he prepared the buko…

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And there it was – buko (coconut)juice popped with neon green straws haha, you definitely can’t beat the freshness…

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and for a bakasiyonista like me the first sip was sheer delight….


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It was even better when it was used to cook a pot of chicken soup ..as it added a sweet note to the dish!
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So let me share with you the recipe that Lani served us in one of our meals.  Enjoy!

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