champorado at tuyo

5 Genuine and Tempting Filipino “Merienda”

champorado at tuyo 5 Genuine and Tempting Filipino “Merienda”

While most people believe that eating in between meals can cause obesity, Filipinos love to have a hearty snack out of these 5 Tempting and Genuine Treats for “Merienda”. Try reading them and I’m sure that by the time you reach the last word of this article, you would find your taste buds craving for these 5 tempting treats that are found “Only in The Philippines”.

1. Champorado (Rice Porridge in Chocolate) and Tuyo (dried and salted fish) – Do you feel cold on a rainy day? A steaming bowl of this snack could help keep you warm and comfortable. What makes this food amazing is the fact that even locals of the Philippines find this snack strange as the mixture of the sweetness of chocolate and saltiness of the dried fish leave a tingling sensation into your taste buds which you won’t forget for a life time. In addition, this authentic Filipino food is not just perfect for snack but also for breakfast as the rice porridge and sugar is fine enough to jump start your day.

2. Batac Empanada (Local Taco with Veggies and Local Sausage) – If you have some time to visit the Northern Part of the country, try passing by Batac City, Ilocos Norte. There you would find this enticing food made from sautéed beans, grated unripe papaya, egg and “longanisa” (local sausage) wrapped in a  deep-fried rice flour.  A piece of this distinctive local taco which is  usually orange or white in color can already make you burp and feel satisfied as it is a good source of protein, carbohydrates and vegetable.

3.  Halo – Halo (Milk Shake with Assorted Ingredients) – People with sweet tooth won’t resist this inviting snack especially on a very humid day. Made from various ingredients like boiled bananas, sweet beans, sweet gelatin, ube halaya (purple sweet yam jam), sweet corn, milk and many more, this food is topped with a lot of grated ice and sometimes ice cream. Halo-Halo has been an iconic summer food because this represents Filipinos’ sweetness towards other people.

4. Tira- Tira (Muscodavo Candy) – I am not pretty sure if you still remember this snack but this known as the local “Tootsie Roll candy”. Children would always love to lick this candy stick made from molasses or hardened muscovado sugar.  It used to be wrapped in recycled milk or chocolate drink wrappers which makes it eye-catching not just for younger generations but for adults who are young at heart as well.  This snack is already rare in the market but homemade tira-tira is just so easy to do.

5.  Manggat- Suman (Ripe Mango with Rice Cake) – Old folks love to have this as a part of their dessert. The creamy taste of “suman“ (rice cake cooked in coconut milk) and the sweet and sour impression of ripe mango taste almost like, if not better than, the Japanese Maki. As a trivia, this food used to be Dr. Jose Rizal’s Favorite snack (Philippines’ national hero). An ample serving can provide carbohydrates and vitamins from mangoes.

So if you would want to figure out what makes these snack really special, try tasting them and you won’t regret instead you would ask for more.

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