Inihaw na Pusit

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Knowing that Philippines is surrounded by waters, it is given that most of our grilled dishes comprises of seafood and the popular ones are squid, prawns, mussels and fish.

If in America, you do your barbecues at the backyard, the common practice in Philippines is to do this on summer outings which are commonly held in beach resorts. Usually seafood is bought fresh from fishermen who just finished fishing overnight, it is fresh and cheap as you get it directly from the supplier (sometimes you can also haggle).

After getting hold of the fresh seafood next task usually is preparing the things you need namely the 1) charcoal barbecue (which is available to use in beach resorts),2)  a knife to clean the seafood and 3) your sauce . But sometimes salt is enough as you don’t want to mask the flavours of a fresh seafood. Steamed rice is also prepared as well as the side dishes that will accompany the grilled dish, usually its some sort of a salty or sweet side salads like Ensaladang TalongEnsaladang Mangga or Salted Duck Egg and Tomato Salad.

While the preparation is on its way, usually kids and adults (who do not partake in cooking) are enjoying a dip in the warm ocean, but it won’t last long as cooking time is also quick compared to meats. So after 30 minutes to an hour, a feast usually is served. And did you notice I never mentioned plates and spoons? I did not miss it out as we don’t usually use one. A banana leaf, clean hands and the company of family and friends is all we need.

For this post we will not be making all of the seafood variants, but I will be sharing a personal favourite: the “inihaw na pusit” or Grilled squid. Usually, squid is a bit pale in taste so we will be using some savoury sweet style sauce to enhance its flavour.


4 medium sized Squid (well cleaned)
sea salt

Ingredients (Basting Sauce)

1/2 cup                  soy sauce
1  and 1/2              cup water
1/2 tsp                   ginger, minced
2 cloves                  garlic, minced
1                            small shallot, minced
1/2 cup                   brown sugar
2 and 1/2 tbsp         cornstarch


1. Rub salt on squid inside and out then set it aside.
2. Mix together soy sauce, 1 cup water, ginger, garlic, shallot and sugar in a sauce pan. Place in medium heat then simmer.
3. Mix cornstarch with 1/2 cup of water and then pour it in the sauce pan, simmer sauce until thickened.
4. Make several scores halfway through to the squid on one side, add/pour some oil then start grilling on a charcoal barbecue.
5. While grilling, continuously baste squid with sauce until cooked. (Cook squid quickly on high heat, it might take 2-5 minutes on each side depending on the size of squid, do not overcook otherwise it will be tough)

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 Inihaw na Pusit

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