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5 Healthy And Unique Filipino Burger Patties For A Yummy Treat

burger1 5 Healthy And Unique Filipino Burger Patties For A Yummy Treat
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Burger pattiesare common fillings for hamburgers in most Western countries, and it has been observed that most of them love to eat homemade burgers rather than the ones that are bought in fast food. These Americans believe that home-cooked dishes are healthier than to those that are made in fast food chains whose ingredients come from well preserved and ready to cook ingredients.

Philippines, on the other hand have a different treatment for this idea. Acknowledging the fact that meat such as pork and beef are becoming more expensive, they ought to purchase cold cut products for their burger patty. I am not saying that this practice is wrong, but we have to admit the fact that readily made food is filled with preservatives that may pose great danger to our health.

This is the very reason why I perfectly decided to share the idea of creating genuine Filipino recipe – burger patties that are cost friendly, yummy and healthy for a wonderful dining experience. So if you are excited to learn about them, then let’s get started.

  1. Banana Peelings Burger Patty – Some people would say that banana peelings coming from “saba” (local banana variety) should just go to the compost pit to work as fertilizers. They are definitely wrong, the fibrous contents of these banana peelings would help create a healthy burger patty when minced and mixed with meat, eggs, flour and salt to taste. As for the taste, wow!!! I’m pretty sure that you yourself would find it difficult to identify that you are indeed eating a burger which is made of banana peelings.
  2. Mexican Turnip (singkamas) Patty – These are root crops that are usually eaten raw, cooked or pickled in the Philippines. Medically speaking, this root crop can make wonders for people who would want to diet as it known to be rich in fiber. In terms of culinary matters, grated “singkamas” when mixed with meat for your burger patty gives it a slight sweet and juicy taste which would make you crave for more.
  3. Carrot Patty – Carrots are common extenders for spring rolls orlumpiaand “siomai” stuffing but this time, let us give it a unique role by adding it to the usual ingredients of a typical burger patty. Knowing the fact that carrots are rich in beta carotene, they provide many healthy benefits for eyes, skin and detoxification. Thus, a serving of this carrot patty on your table will surely make a beautiful you.
  4. Soy Flour Patty (Munggo) – Beans are known to be good source of protein, they often work as a substitute for meat. In this case, creating soy flour or “munggo” patty could be made either by solely using these beans as a main ingredient or merely used as an extender. This variation of burger patty is a must taste food for vegetarians as it provides your protein need even in the absence of meat. This food however has to be taken in moderate serving for people who are suffering from arthritis as too much of this food would make you say OUCH!!!!
  5. Potato Patty – The starchy content of potatoes makes it an ideal food for people who are on diet. Once this ingredient is mixed or used as an extender for burger patties, the patty would definitely make everyone feel full and satisfied as the patty itself have a touch of carbohydrates and protein in one dish. That is why you should not wonder when you suddenly “burp”  in the middle of the meal if you try eating Potato Burger Patty.

Okay, now that you have your very own list of these tasty burger patty varieties, you can now say that burger dishes such as “burger steak” is already an easy to cook, healthy, appetizing and cheap dish for you and your family. Why not run to your kitchen and make one of these yummy Filipino Burger Patty Versions and start amusing your tasters with its unique taste.

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