Comida Tsina: Chicken with Sausage Rice

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I enjoy watching the Asian Food Channel, including the shows that go to hawker stalls and out-of-the-way food stalls. Even if I don’t understand the language and get by with the english subtitles. There were times when I could  imagine how the dishes taste like!

There was one such instance when I saw a feature where the stall is known for its chicken and sausage rice. What caught my attention were the clay pots. I see the same pots in Japanese 99 peso stores and have wondered if one can actually cook with it and how. I like the partly glazed and partly rough parts which reminds me of pottery and white “palayok”.  Now, I  have the good excuse to buy and try!

The process seemed easy enough. Since it was a feature story, there were no recipes nor measurements which made the experimentation more fun. The only effort in this dish was the simple prepping and slicing. No sauteing, no braising. Just the melting of flavors in a pot as the rice gets cooked!

Here’s the good news: you don’t need the clay pot. Your rice cooker does the job just as well.

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  • 2 cups of rice uncooked, preferably Jasmine. Washed and made to sit in water for about 5 minutes before draining.
  • 2 T grated ginger, 3-4 cloves grated garlic, 2 t salt
  • 4 T vegetable oil
  • 2  1/2 to 3 c water
  • 400 gms Chicken fillet, remove skin then thinly slice.Marinade in 1 tsp grated ginger, 1 tsp grated garlic, salt, pepper and splash of sesame oil
  • 3-4 chinese sausages, also called chorizong macau

In a small sauce pan,  warm the vegetable oil and added the grated ginger and garlic. Gently cook to bring out the fragrance. High heat will cause the garlic to burn and become bitter. Add this ginger-garlic-oil mixture to the rice and stir. Don’t forget salt to taste.

Cook as you would regular rice. When it begins to boil in the rice cooker, stir it once. After a few minutes when there is less water and the rice grains begin to swell, simply spread the chicken pieces and the sausage slices on top. Close the cover and simply wait till the rice is fully cooked. Finally: serve hot, hot,hot!

In the TV show at AFC, the diners poured a thin swirl of sweet soy sauce on top and mixed it up before partaking. I prefer it, as is. The chicken juices and sausage fatty flavor seep into the rice at the bottom. Every spoonful is packed with flavor. Don’t forget the steamed bokchoy or chinese broccolli as a healthy add-on.

My kids enjoy this dish, and count it as among their roster of comfort food.

Now, how simple is THAT!?!

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