Filipino Food Fridays: Menudo

Apparently Bernadette doesn’t think anyone can be that challenged when cooking—her comment on my blog entry was made in reference to my YouTube video of my attempt to make Filipino food for the first time. I started withTinolang Manok.

I thought I did well! For a newbie…

Undeterred, I flipped through Gerry Gelle’s, Filipino Cuisine, and decided to make Menudo, pork and liver stew, as if I need to specify that for you guys… =)

One of the nicest things about the Filipino market I go to is that the when I approach someone during my pursuit for chickpeas or pork liver or whatever else the recipe calls for, there is always a patron willing to help. (This is new to me; American culture is not big on just asking other folks at the market what they think.) On a related note, I have noticed that men (at the grocery store) are not as knowledgeable as women (at the grocery store) when it comes to preparing the two recipes I’ve made thus far. No big thing, but I was surprised that the butcher couldn’t suggest a substitution for chorizo de bilbao (this was before a woman showed me where to find it!)

But why wasn’t there any paprika at the store? Do Filipinos not do paprika? My menudo recipe called for it, but I had to skip it because I wasn’t going to visit another store.

Question: When preparing the Tinolang Manok, an employee at the market suggested I stay away from Filipino fish sauce, and that I go for the Vietnamese or Thai version. The Filipino patis is too fishy? (I followed his advice and got the Thai version.) A week later, while grocery shopping for the menudo, a patron told me to get tomato sauce that supports the Philiippines, so I got Del Monte like she suggested. What do you guys think about this? I imagine it differs per product.

Without further ado, here’s my attempt at menudo. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel; I’m trying new Filipino food each week so I will have a new video each week!


 Filipino Food Fridays: Menudo

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