Echoes of a Fiesta: How to Make Lechon

lechon98 Echoes of a Fiesta: How to Make Lechon

Our town fiesta falls in August. At this time of the year, people in my hometown of Tuguegarao are busy preparing all sorts of activities to celebrate the occasion. Living overseas, I always ponder upon all the memories I had celebrating the occasion.

I remember how our school would be busy preparing for a big parade. Our marching band would practice endlessly, while participants of songs and dances are  busy practicing in all corners of the school. A carnival and circus would come to town and you could hear their loud announcements inviting people to attend. The blaring sound of music and merchants calling customers to buy their wares promising a good bargain. The church would also be busy preparing its grounds for the converging of people to celebrate the event with a Holy Mass, because after all, fiesta is the feast day of a patron saint. In our case, our patron saint is San Jacinto (St. Hyacinth).

Town folks would be  busy getting ready for out-of-town visitors. It’s actually like an open house where people are invited to come join in on the celebration. The iconic dish on everyone’s table? Lechon, you bet.

All these memories returned vividly to my mind  and alas, I had this intense craving for lechon. But since my oven is not big enough to contain the whole pig, I just have to contend myself with pork belly. It’s a good alternative to the whole roasted pig. And as I was enjoying  the crispy, crackling pig,  I heard  the echoes of our town fiesta.

yaw22 Echoes of a Fiesta: How to Make Lechon
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