Fried Chicken A La Jollibee, The Video

I’m on my way over there with my camera and ready to shoot our first video.
My girlfriend Kelly cheerfully announced.  No. I’m Not Ready, was my immediate retort.  Well girl, just look at it as if you will just be cooking for tonight’s dinner.  You could do it.
2 Fried Chicken A La Jollibee, The Video
You could do it!  Four powerful words that sparked enthusiasm and excitement.  Before I knew it, I was giggling with her, in front of the camera like we were just having fun.  And this my friends is what I would like to present to you… my first collaborative work with Kelly.  Thank you Kelly for the encouragement, the tips, and for shooting this video blog.  And to you my friends here in Foodipino, thank you for being with me in this journey.  I still have a lot of work to polish my videos but I’m sharing it with you anyway.
 Thank you for watching.  Let me know what you think.    And oh I have shared the recipe of Fried Chicken a la Jollibee in a previous post.  Please click here if you want the recipe.  Thank you to all of you who kept in touch with me but for those who would want to, I also would love to see you drop by my Facebook page.  See you there.
1 Fried Chicken A La Jollibee, The Video

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