Mango Cream A La Pie

Mango Cream a la Pie

My recipe of Mango Cream A La Pie is very light & easy to make. My son can do it by himself! In fact, we make a lot of it every summer where mangoes are in season and are very sweet, which makes the pie more delicious. Try it and you'll be surprised you're done in no time! I promise you'll love it! Here's the procedure, it's very easy! Enjoy! :)


  • For 1 tray (square):
  • 2 All purpose cream or nestles cream tetra bricks or cans (chilled)
  • 1/2 condensed milk tetra brick
  • 2 packs Graham crackers original flavor
  • 8 pcs Ripe Mangoes scooped thinly
  • 2pcs of grahams crushed


  1. Put layers of graham on tray.
  2. Spread the condensed milk on top to desired sweetness.
  3. Then spread a layer of all purpose cream to desired thickness.
  4. Top it of with the slices of mangoes.
  5. Then repeat procedure on top of one another to desired thickness of the pie.
  6. Then finally sprinkle crushed grahams on top of the mangoes of the last layer.
  7. Serve chilled. Enjoy! :))

photo 29 1024x1024 Mango Cream A La Pie

photo 251 1024x1024 Mango Cream A La Pie
Love it!


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