Filipino Food Fridays: Kare-kare

You guys gave me a break from baboy! This week I prepared a dish that a couple of you requested, Kare-kare! Why didn’t anyone tell me oxtail is so expensive?! Ang mahal!

One of my cousins from Manila has been in Southern California for the summer and she was kind enough to join me for this episode. Reg is more familiar with Kare-kare than I was so this was a great help. In fact, she taught me some Tagalog, the words for eggplant, long beans and bokchoy!

The banana blossom and the daikon were optional, so I didn’t include those in my dish, but the talong proved to be my favorite! I enjoy vegetables and I appreciated how the eggplant turned out!

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Salamat po!

 Filipino Food Fridays: Kare kare

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