Filipino Food Fridays: Caldereta

I decided to visit my cousin, Kuya Anton, in Northern California and my cousin agreed to do an episode of Filipino Food Fridays with me! We decided to make goat Caldereta, which my paternal grandfather loves, but Kuya scoured his neighborhood and couldn’t find goat anywhere. Joke only! Kuya Anton went to Safeway to get us ingredients to make beef Caldereta instead!

We did a lot of laughing during our cooking session, partly because my cousin was rather liberal with this dish. This is fine because the food was going to stay with him–I wasn’t going to drive the leftovers back to Los Angeles. Kuya used garlic flavored olive oil–because he forgot to get garlic from the store–tomatoes he canned the previous summer, he used liver pate, and patis, which wasn’t in my recipe!

The Caldereta turned out well! I plan to make it again with goat, because that is what Lolo likes. I hope it’s sarap like the beef Caldereta we made!

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 Filipino Food Fridays: Caldereta

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