5 Healthy Benefits From Eating Fern (Paco)

Fern Paco Salad1 5 Healthy Benefits From Eating Fern (Paco)
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I know that my title seems to be a little controversial as most of us think that ferns are merely plants that grow on the mountains and are usually used for landscapes and flower arrangements. Unknown to most of us, there is this one of a kind fern variety that Filipinos love to eat. This indigenous vegetable is commonly called “paco” (Athyrium esculentum). Aside from its distinctive taste when used as an ingredient for the Fern Salad,  here are 5 of the Healthy Nutrients which we can get from fern eating.

1). CalciumIs a mineral which is responsible for the formation of strong bones and teeth. Aside from that, calcium is also useful for the proper functioning of heart, nerves, muscles, and other body system. For someone who is suffering from pre- menstrual syndrome and high blood, the insufficiency of this mineral in the body aggravates the problem. It is then with this reason where the edible fern (pako) will be of great use. Researchers indicate that this indigenous vegetable is a good source of calcium that is why an ample serving of this food in your meal would help alleviate calcium related problems.

2). PhosphorusServes the same function which is similar to calcium. Such mineral makes up 1% in our bodies total body weight. Added to its function to our bones and teeth, this above mentioned mineral also helps in the utilization of carbohydrates and fats and in the synthesis of protein for the growth, maintenance, and repair of cells and tissues. With pako’s minimal Phosphorus content, eating such vegetable still contributes satisfactory amount on the suggested daily needs of phosphorus in the body.

3). Iron – helps in the production of energy in the body. It also serves as an avenue for the proper distribution of oxygen in the body. For someone who usually feels dizzy, and weak, the purchase of supplementary iron capsules is advisable yet costly. With this regard, the consumption of carefully selected fruits, vegetables and herbs (like pako) would help you go back to life and solve the iron insufficiency problem in your body.

4). Vitamin BAlso called Thiamine, this water soluble vitamin helps maintain breakdown of carbohydrates into the simple sugar. It also helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system. Since “Pako “is classified as green leafy vegetable, this fern variety help relieve known Vitamin B deficiencies.

5). Vitamin AA vitamin that enables the maintenance of healthy eyes, skin and respiratory system. One with Vitamin A deficiency most like suffer from poor eyesight. Thus, including “paco” as part of your diet helps you have good eye sight, healthy skin and respiratory system.

With these 5 promising health benefits coming from this indigenous fern, I am pretty sure that fern eating will surely be included as soon as possible into your meal routines.

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