Filipino Food Fridays: Pinakbet

I used to go to lunch with the Filipino group at work–my parents retired to the Philippines and I don’t get Filipino home cooking anymore–and because my coworkers are organized, and because I just show up to eat and socialize, I don’t normally remember what we had for lunch. But Pinakbet is memorable, if for no other reason than that horrible vegetable, ampalaya.

I enjoy vegetables because I know they are important to include in my diet, so I met Pinakbet with open arms. The coworker seated next to me suggested I eat the ampalaya–I didn’t know what it was at the time–so I stuck a fork in it and brought it to my mouth. I think I spit it back out, into a napkin. That was a very dirty trick!

Never again would I make that mistake. Yes, Pinakbet is unforgettable, because of ampalaya. And no, this isn’t a positive memory, it is a very negative one!

Well, I decided to give Pinakbet and ampalaya another chance. I decided to cook the dish with hopes that I would fall in love with ampalaya. You’ll have to watch the video and decide if ampalaya agrees with me.

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 Filipino Food Fridays: Pinakbet

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