Filipino Food Fridays: Pancit Mami

If I knew how easy it was to make pancit, I would be making this dish more often. I really enjoyed the greasy taste of the final product; the mami noodles were perfect!

The recipe didn’t require much preparation, which has its advantages and disadvantages: I liked that it was easy to make, but I didn’t like that there weren’t very many vegetables. Gulay for President!

I didn’t know what white pepper was before this dish, but I have become an instant fan! I’ve made one more dish with white pepper since this dish, and it reminds me of seasoning that comes with noodles I’ve always had growing up.

I really enjoy making a new Filipino dish each week–so I can learn how to cook, and so I can get closer to my Filipino culture–so please let me know what dish I should make next. Send me a tweet: @gerrardpanahon.

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 Filipino Food Fridays: Pancit Mami

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