Filipino Food Fridays: Lumpia

Lumpia was the most requested dish from the viewers on my YouTube channel and I was afraid to make it because I knew it was not going to be easy for someone like me who has not rolled a piece of lumpia before.

I had to french cut the green beans and julienne the carrots, but it was the lumpia wrapper that made me understand that lumpia requires at least two people to prepare. The lumpia wrapper was purchased frozen, and needed to thaw, but it couldn’t go dry, so I needed to be quick with peeling the wrapper from the stack and rolling the lumpia, which I then had to cover with a moist towel.

In addition to ketchup–which I never used–I made a dipping sauce for the lumpia. The lumpia was so delicious! I ate five of them right after they were cooked, which means I almost burned my tongue! I would have had more, but the lumpia were so fat–I used more than two tablespoons for each lumpia–that if I had any more, I might pass out.

I really enjoy making a new Filipino dish each week–so I can learn how to cook, and so I can get closer to my Filipino culture–so please let me know what dish I should make next. Send me a tweet: @gerrardpanahon.

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 Filipino Food Fridays: Lumpia

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