Garlic Breaded Porkchop

72086 509149309096981 1527211961 n Garlic Breaded PorkchopOne day, I tried to reinvent another version of Breaded Porchop. My 6yr old son told me “wow, mama this one is sooo delicious!.”  So, wanna try this?…and receive compliments from your children also.

1kl Porchop (you can use Liempo also)
4 sachet 8g of Magic Sarap
1 ½ tbsp fish sauce or patis
½ cup of diced garlic
3 packs of skyflakes (diced)
1 tsp. powdered black pepper
2 pcs eggs (beaten)
Vegetable oil for cooking

Clean the porchop meat and tenderized it (you can use the handle of your stainless  knife to soften the meat for easy to cook)
Rub the 3 sachet of Magic sarap, powdered black pepper, fish sauce and the diced garlic. Leave it for 10minutes.
Powdered the 3packs of skyflakes and mix the remaining 1 sachet of Magic sarap
Beat the 2 egg and place it in a clean bowl
Heat the Oil in a normal temperature
Deep the meat (porchop) into the egg and next to the powdered Skyflakes
Deep fry for 5 minutes or until it looks like brown

Serve with Mang Tomas or  Tamis anghang ketchup.

Try this recipe and 100% your kids will love it.

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