Filipino Food Fridays: Champorado

My cousin had the nerve to tell me that Champorado is for breakfast… It’s so sweet that I figured it was for dessert! Someone on my Facebook page commented that it is to be paired with Tuyo. Next time! I promise!

This was a fun, easy dish to make! Very inexpensive…well, the sweet rice is not cheap, and now I have a lot of it, so please let me know what else I can make with Malagkit and I will be happy to! But because there was no meat, this was a relatively inexpensive dish.

I also think I could have used less sugar–it required half a cup!–because the coconut milk provides a lot of flavor and I just felt guilty pouring all that sugar in there!

My Champorado was a success, if you consider the non-Filipino guests that finished the leftovers last night. I hope you enjoy the recipe too! Let me know what you would have done differently.

I really enjoy making a new Filipino dish each week–so I can learn how to cook, and so I can get closer to my Filipino culture–so please let me know what dish I should make next. Send me a tweet: @gerrardpanahon.

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Maraming salamat!

 Filipino Food Fridays: Champorado

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