Cooking Ginataang Isda With A Twist Like A Pro

bf56c4ebbaf229b2f0dd1b925b5c9cff Cooking Ginataang Isda With A Twist Like A Pro

Cooking ginatang isda (or ginataang isda) is a very quick fish recipe. It may be done by stewing fish in coconut milk, spices and vinegar (or other sour ingredients). In this recipe however, ginataang isda is cooked with a twist in spicing up this dish.

If you have curry powder lying around in the kitchen, get them ready for this fish recipe. Curry will make the fish sauce creamy and more aromatic. It’s a refreshing twist to the traditional ginataan.


– fish, rubbed with salt (preferably tanigue fish or spanish mackerel but not necessary)

– dried kamias or bilimbi, washed

– garlic, crushed and chopped

– onions, chopped

– ginger, crushed and chopped

– cayenne chili or siling labuyo, cut

– whole pepper corns

– coconut milk

– curry powder

– vinegar

– salt

– yard long beans (sitaw), cut at desired lengths

– eggplants, cut at desired lengths and size (optional)

 Cooking Instruction:

1. Put the following ingredients into one deep cooking pan:

coconut milk
dried kamias
salted fish
a little salt, to taste

2. Put the pan under low-medium heat.

3. Allow the dish to boil.

4. Add the vegetables.

5. When the fish is cooked; and the coconut becomes creamy, taste the dish for sourness. Check if you need to add vinegar or dried kamias.

6. Add half a teaspoon of curry. Add more, according to your preference.

Enjoy your ginataang isda with a curry twist! Best serve while hot.

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