Cooking Lumpiang Togue (Bean Sprout Rolls) Like A Pro

35c2800f668b1ad0803fb7a46e2f68ae Cooking Lumpiang Togue (Bean Sprout Rolls) Like A Pro

Lumpiang Togue is probably one of the most quickest and easiest bean sprout dish to cook. There are lot of ways to cook lumpiang togue. Some pre-cook the fillings before putting them in the wrapper. Some are using tofu as an added filling. For this recipe, we will be using pork (instead of tofu) and we will make the rolls while the filling is raw (instead of having it pre-cooked).

Lumpiang Togue Ingredients:

– bean sprouts, washed and drained
– ground pork (minimal amount just to add some taste to the filling)
– carrots, julienned
– green beans, julienned
– 2 pieces of cabbage leaves, shredded
– coriander, chopped
– garlic, chopped
– onions, chopped
– cornstarch or flour
– eggs
– fish sauce
– soy sauce
– salt and pepper, to tast
– spring roll wrapper, big-size
– cooking oil
– water

Lumpiang Togue Cooking Instruction:

1. Mix all the ingredients in a deep bowl to make the bean sprout filling, except the following:

spring rolls
cooking oil

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2. Mix the ingredients well. The consistency of the mixture shouldn’t be too dry. If it is so, you may add an another egg.

3. Taste a portion of the mixture. Make sure it has the right flavors.

4. Roll them into big spring rolls. Close the endings by damping water to the wrapper so that it sticks.
Not all spring roll wrappers are made the same. Some wrappers are thinner than others. If you bought the thin kind, make sure you use 2 sheets in wrapping.

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5. Deep-fry the rolls. Refrigerate any excess rolls that you made. You can cook them on a prior time.

6. Serve with vinegar, chili and crushed garlic condiment.

Lumpiang Togue is now ready to be serve! Enjoy!

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