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Making Kinilaw Na Tanigue Like A Pro

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Kinilaw (Ceviche) is a way of preparing or cooking seafood (usually fish), in acetic acid. It can be vinegar, lime or calamansi or a combination of those in preparing the dish. There is no heat involved in preparing or cooking such dish.


– fresh tanigue fish, cubed
– Chinese celery, chopped
– garlic, chopped
– onions, finely chopped
– tomatoes, cubed in small bits
– ginger, crushed and chopped
– salt and pepper, to taste
– vinegar

How To Make Kinilaw Na Tanigue:

1. Immerse the tanigue fish in vinegar. Mix them well; as if to allow the acetic acid to cook the fish.

Note: No need to marinate the fish for long minutes. Too much acetic acid will only make the fish meats tough rather than soft. Also, wash the fish in vinegar just once. Don’t over-kill the fish with vinegar or lime.

2. Drain the vinegar from the fish.

3. Add the Chinese celery, garlic, onions, tomatoes, ginger unto the fish.

4. Add vinegar to the dish; just enough to create sauce for the dish.

5. Season the dish with salt and peper.

Serve chilled. Enjoy!

For a change, some are even adding up coconut milk or mayo to create some texture. Some are also adding up “siling pula” to make it spicy hot.

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This dish is proven to be low in calories and fats.

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