Making Fish Wonton (Dumplings) Like A Pro

ca94b7f4642ed9ed7ed5224ec78152a1 Making Fish Wonton (Dumplings) Like A Pro

Fish wonton, the way it is prepared and cook is very similar to its pork counterpart. Fish Wonton (Dumplings) is best made with left-over fish that is either fried or steamed. So if you have leftover fish at home, don’t throw it away unless its spoiled or not suitable to eat, instead, create a new dish out of it. Try this fish wonton recipe and for sure you will surely love it.

Fish Wonton Ingredients:

– garlic, chopped
– onions, chopped
– beans, minced
– carrots, diced or cut thinly
– cabbage, cut thinly
– Chinese celery, chopped
– left-over fish, minced into bits
– shrimps, diced (optional)
– Shiitake mushrooms, chopped or cut thinly (optional)
– fish sauce
– soy sauce
– salt and pepper
– pickle relish
– whole egg or egg whites
– cornstarch
– wonton skin
– water

How To Make Fish Wonton (Dumplings) Like A Pro:

1. Mix thoroughly the following ingredients in a bowl.

  • garlic
  • onions
  • beans
  • carrots
  • cabbage
  • Chinese celery
  • fish
  • mushroom
  • egg or egg whites only
  • cornstarch

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2. Season the mixture with the following:

  • fish sauce
  • a bit of soy sauce
  • pickle relish
  • salt and pepper

3. Taste the mixture if it’s according to your palate and adjust if necessary.

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4. To make the wonton, follow the guidelines below.

a. Place a small chunk of fish wonton mix at the center of the wonton skin.

b. Fold 2 opposite sides towards the center. Seal with water.

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c. Do the same for the other opposite sides.

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d. Repeat until all the mix are wrapped.

5. Fry or steam the fish wonton as desired.

NOTE: You can put the fish wonton pieces in the fridge for future meals.


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