Guisadong Mungo (Mung Beans with Pork)

8d50b7cd9e4aa981ac6eb6c42614acf9 Guisadong Mungo (Mung Beans with Pork)If you like mung beans and pork, then you will love Guisadong Mungo, Mung Beans with Pork! This is a very simple dish to make and it has a lot of flavor!

This recipe doesn’t require too many ingredients. You will have many of them at home. In addition to mung beans and pork butt, you will need chicken broth and spinach.

Below you’ll find a video of me making the dish for the first time. You’ll see me taste the dish and my reaction, which is always an honest one!

I really enjoy making a new Filipino dish each week–so I can learn how to cook, and so I can get closer to my Filipino culture–so please let me know what dish I should make next. Send me a tweet: @gerrardpanahon.

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