Chicken in Peanut Sauce

6fea5ca07df76ef2d637822382f6130e Chicken in Peanut SauceChicken in Peanut Sauce is ma sarap and yes, I’m aware it probably reminds you of kare-kare. Probably because of the peanut butter. It’s tasty! I get it!

You’ll need chicken breasts, because it needs to be cut into small pieces. Annatto seeds add some color to the dish but most of the flavor comes from the peanut butter, and you might use a lot if you have quite a bit of vegetables in your dish.

Below you’ll find a video of my first time making chicken in peanut sauce. I noticed that there wasn’t enough flavor, so I added more peanut butter, and I didn’t regret it! Watch, below!

I really enjoy making a new Filipino dish each week–so I can learn how to cook, and so I can get closer to my Filipino culture–so please let me know what dish I should make next. Send me a tweet: @gerrardpanahon.

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Maraming salamat!

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