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Ron Leyba blogs about anything that interests him at his personal domain He recently shared his favorite Filipino chicken recipes at his blog. You can also check his collection of mouth watering desserts recipes that will surely satisfy your cravings.

5 Healthy Benefits From Eating Fern (Paco)

I know that my title seems to be a little controversial as most of us think that ferns are merely plants that grow on the mountains and are usually used for landscapes and flower arrangements. Unknown to most of us, there is this one of a…

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5 Healthy And Unique Filipino Burger Patties For A Yummy Treat

Burger pattiesare common fillings for hamburgers in most Western countries, and it has been observed that most of them love to eat homemade burgers rather than the ones that are bought in fast food. These Americans believe that home-cooked dishes are healthier than to those that…

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5 Genuine and Tempting Filipino “Merienda”

While most people believe that eating in between meals can cause obesity, Filipinos love to have a hearty snack out of these 5 Tempting and Genuine Treats for “Merienda”. Try reading them and I’m sure that by the time you reach the last word of this…