Author: Stella Dacuma Schour
I am NOT a formally trained cook. I learned how to cook by watching my dad, my uncle and aunts cook and none of them used measuring tools. I have been cooking since I was 12 (possibly younger). Like the rest of my family, I don't measure ingredients. My cooking is highly influenced by Philippine Cuisine because I grew up in Manila and I am Filipino. I will cook anything my heart desires but I will keep ingredient costs to a minimum because I am out to prove that eating well does not mean spending a lot of money. Now that I live in New York City, I am forced to make adjustments to the dishes that I make based on availability and my laziness. I am lucky to reside in the borough of Queens and my proximity to ethnic markets is at the very least, 5 minutes away. WALKING. I love food and I will taste anything once, without question. Except live insects.
- Filipino Food-

Garlic and Butter Broiled Salmon Heads

Buying a whole salmon is out of the question, I prefer cooking its head. Salmon steaks are expensive, and not as fatty and succulent as the meat from the collar and cheeks. Besides, at $1.99/lb, how can I resist a very good dinner for this cheap?…