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Are you a chef or simply someone who loves to cook?  Share your talent and submit your favorite recipes here on our recipe blog. Whether you’re an experienced chef or someone who’s just starting out, if approved, your recipe will be given equal exposure on the Definitely Filipino Facebook Page wall, viewed by more than 450K members each month.  If you submit a popular recipe, chances are it will also be re-posted several times and may even go viral.

The requirements are:

  • The actual article, recipe and instructions MUST be your original version.  By submitting the article, you certify that you are the original author.   For traditional dishes (i.e., adobo, sinigang, etc) where the ingredients/instructions are pretty much the same across different individuals, they will be published on a first come, first served basis.
  • All articles must be proof-read by you.  Articles with excessive grammatical and typographical errors will not be published.  PLEASE:  Capitalize, insert commas, apostrophes, periods and separate your article into paragraphs.  Absolutely, NO text lingo.
  • You agree that Definitely Filipino does NOT guarantee the publishing of your article/recipe.
  • You agree that Definitely Filipino will immediately remove  your article if it is disputed by any company or individual for plagiarism.  We will contact you to give you the opportunity to provide proof of copyright ownership.
  • You hereby grant Definitely Filipino the license to publish and distribute your work in the manner consistent with web and print media, including marketing and other promotional activity(ies).

Note that we will not publish:

  • Advertisements, disguised as articles. Please do not waste your time.  They will not be published.
  • Articles that has nothing to do with food.
  • Links.  We have too much already in the backlog, we simply don’t have time to follow a link, ask for the author’s permission, and publish.  If the link is to your article, please copy and publish your article here.
  • Nonsense (that goes without saying).

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