Purple Burger

burger Purple Burger

I called this as such because purple is the color of the patty used to be.  And what vegetable is purple? You guessed it right, eggplant.  It’s really difficult to get some kids to eat vegetables, especially eggplant, but I bet you, my sons love this!  Here’s what I had, and, I did.

By the way,  I can’t give the exact measurements of the ingredients since I don’t measure them.  I just use my power of approximation.  Haha!
What you’ll need:
1. Eggplants (off course)
2. Flour
3. Egg (1 piece will do)
4. Onion
5. Garlic
6. Onion chives
7. Salt & Pepper
Optionally, you can add:
1.  some left-over fried hotdogs cut into tiny cubes
2. some fried potatoes cut into tiny cubes as well
3. lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, mayo, cucumberWhat you’ll do:
1. Wash and cut eggplant into two (or three, if it’s quite large).
2. Boil until tender.
3. Drain water.
4. Using two forks, mash (if it’s the right term) eggplant. Watch out for worms (it goes to show that your eggplant doesn’t contain too much fertilizer, if you find some.  hehehe)
5. Finely chop onion, onion chives and garlic.
6. In a bowl, mix together eggplant, onion, onion chives, and garlic, including the optional add-ons.
7. Add a few pinches salt and pepper.
8. Add a few spoons of flour and then the egg.  Mix well.
9. Heat pan and add oil.
10 . Fry the mixture and shape them like patties.
For the sandwich, I think this is simple enough and easy to produce.
Just spread some mayo/melted cheese, lay the patty, add some slices of cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce

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