• Rootie Patootie

      This is how I grew up eating it. My lola would make this with ginger, too. She made the best puto maya I’ve ever tasted. Goes well with native tsokolate.

  • http://Google rina thayer

    Niluto ko ito,gaya ng sinabi dito sa recipis,,Ohhhh my gosh,,,super sarap talaga..This is the best puto maya same taste when I was in PI. Thank you so much FOODIPINO…the best..

  • http://tinyurl.com/primlee12750 http://tinyurl.com/primlee12750

    “Gaya-gaya Puto Maya! | FOODIPINO™” was indeed quite
    pleasurable and insightful! Within todays world that’s really
    difficult to manage. Many thanks, Laurel

  • jijirom

    Ginger can be added to add flavor

  • jijirom

    I missed this food with mango and hot chocolate

  • http://--- Jingjing A. Ching

    I am Cebuana and I used to have this for Sunday breakfast with hot, thick tsokolate and ripe mangoes!

    The puto maya that I know is always cooked with gingerroot, coconut cream. The taste has a hint of a little more salt than sugar…soooooooo yummy!

  • http://--- Jingjing A. Ching

    I use canned coconut cream. How many cans of cream do I need or how many cups?
    Thanks a lot!

  • http://facebook.com/rbdango75 RoseyBlogger

    hi there! as a Davaoeña, i am a big fan of puto maya…whenever my lola went to bankerohan every saturday or sunday morning… she never missed to bought and brought home a bunch of “puto maya and sikwate” (that’s what tsokolate is in our native tongue).
    i love puto maya made with “tapul” (the sticky- black rice, in our native tongue) instead of the white glutinous rice and with a hint of ginger. puto maya is heavenly delicious with or without ripe mangoes, basta lng may sikwate!

  • Rae Yballe

    I’m so pleased you posted this recipe. This is how my dad made puto Maya and steaming makes all the difference.

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